Common STDs, Where to find STD Pictures

Everyone has heard of sexually transmitted diseases, whether taught by a health teacher or by snickering children in the hallways. Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs as they are commonly referred to, are pretty self-explanatory. That is, they are diseases that are transmitted during sexual activity. Contrary to popular myth, this does not simply just mean regular sex, but this actually includes any sort of contact in both people exchange fluids. This means that diseases can be spread by not only vaginal sex, but also by anal and oral sex. STD Pictures are easy to find if you have some knowledge of the internet and how to search google or bing.

One of the most commonly spread disease is Chlamydia. Caused by a Chlamydia trachomatic bacterium, the disease’s namesake, this usually infects the rectum, eyes and urethra in both men and women. Men will usually notice a white or cloudy discharge from the genitals, a burning sensation when urinating and a painful swelling of the eyes about one to three weeks after exposure. Unfortunately, women have a tendency to be asymptomatic. Not treating the disease can lead to fertility problems, but luckily the disease can be cured.

Gonorrhea is another disease that infects the urethra and rectum, but also can spread to the cervix, anus and throat. A lack of symptoms is possible, but when they do show, it usually includes unusual discharge from the genitals and burning while urinating. This disease can be cured.

Genital warts appear as whitish or flesh colored bumps in the genital area. This disease cannot be cured, but can be managed. These warts will probably not cause pain but will often itch and may be difficult to spot. Should a woman develop warts on her cervix, it may cause bleeding.

Another common STD is herpes. This is also not a curable disease, but its infamous outbreaks which occur either on the mouth or the genitals can be managed. Symptoms include itchy genitals, small painful blisters which burst and leave painful sores, pain when urine passes over sores – especially in women – and flu-like symptoms such as headache, backache, swollen glands or fever. If you think that you are suffering from any of these ailments it is important to find STD Pictures in order to decide if that is what you are suffering from. Herpes is the most common form of this virus, it is easily detected in men but not so in women. This is due to the placement of the male versus the female anatomy. If you feel that you are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease it is important that you visit you doctor and seek professional advice.

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